Hybrid Innovation

Seed and seedling processing

Hybrid Innovation – Aktiv – Humus-Pulver

When added to the seeds of the product Hybrid Innovation – Aktiv – Humus –Pulver, which contains pure humic and fulvic acids, a chelation process is triggered when nutrients can penetrate into the interior of the plant seeds (into their tissue). Chelator (concentrate of pure humic and fulvic acids 13%) makes insoluble nutrients soluble, increasing their bioavailability for crops. It is the chelation that gives the seeds their intensive germination.

Due to the high production costs of the product Hybrid Innovation – Aktiv – Humus –Pulverit can only be used for the cultivation of crops with a high market value (e.g. cotton).

An example of using the product Hybrid Innovation – Aktiv – Humus –Pulverfor pre-sowing treatment of bare cotton seeds


The product Hybrid Innovation – Aktiv – Humus – Pulver is added to tank mixes of pesticides or any other pesticides, which are loaded into special machines for seed dressing before sowing (example in the picture). When planting powdered seeds in the soil, the humic and fulvic acids, amino acids and vitamins located on the surface are moistened and penetrate into the seeds, thereby ensuring the supply of the necessary macro and micro elements.


The estimated amount of Hybrid Innovation – Aktiv – Humus – Pulver for the pre-sowing treatment of cotton seeds is 0.04 kg of powder per 1 kg of seeds. With a sowing rate of 25 kg/ha of cotton seeds, the consumption is 0.04 kg x 25 kg/ha = 1 kg of powder per 1 ha of cotton cultivation.


Hybrid Innovation – Aktiv – Humus – Pulver provides immune resistance to environmental factors and pesticides, earlier germination of cotton sprouts, a more branched root system, greater bushiness of green matter, which leads to an increase in chlorophyll and earlier maturation of seed pods.


Expected result:

Shortening of the vegetation period, increase in yields (from 10%), – Improvement in fiber quality (longer, thinner and more durable).

Efficiency calculation:

The costs for Hybrid Innovation – Aktiv – Humus – Pulver in the prices of the 1st quarter of 2023. – 30€/kg x 1kg x 1000 ha = 30,000€. The average cotton yield is 3 tons/ha. Cotton price €2,000/ton. The cost of harvesting 1000 hectares is €6 million. Expected yield increase of 10%.

From an area of 1000 ha, the expected additional profit is €570,000 (€600,000 – €30,000).

Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Konzentrat

The plant additive Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Konzentrat differs from the artificial salts of sodium or calcium humates known on the market in that the fulvic and humic acids in the plant additive are present in a pure state or in a bioactive and unaltered natural state.

These organic acids in a concentrated form enable the regeneration of the depleted humus layer and have a beneficial effect on the physicochemical properties of soil fertility. The soil fertility is increased, so that the efficiency can be compared to that of a black soil.

Fulvic acid, which is necessary for all plants, is the most biologically active and water-soluble component of humus contained in black soil.

The fulvic acid has a high bioavailability. It is formed in extremely small amounts in nature and is a product of the vital activity of bacteria and microbes that live in the soil. In black soil, the total amount of humic and fulvic acids is about 3%, rarely up to 5%. In soils with a low humus content, the concentration of these acids remains below 1%.

Thanks to fulvic acid, which is a powerful chelate, the plant additive Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Konzentrat intensifies the process of deactivation and detoxification of the soil. It initiates the neutralization and binding of ions with heavy metals and toxins. The plant additive Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Konzentrat sorbs radionuclides by rendering them harmless to plants. It prevents the unnecessary formation of nitrates and accelerates the decomposition of pesticides.

The fulvic and humic acids promote the acceleration of the complex physical, chemical and biological processes in the soil and ensure the necessary nutrient balance.

Fulvic acid has strong electrolytic properties. It can dissolve minerals and break them down into the smallest particles (ion size). This form allows the roots to absorb all the mineral and biological nutrients necessary for development.

The plant additive Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Konzentrat promotes the formation of a good microflora and suppresses the conditionally pathogenic microflora. The development of root rot is prevented. The use of concentrated fulvic acid prevents the development of pests in the soil, e.g. Colorado beetle maggots, wireworms, etc.

The use of the plant additive Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Konzentrat on acidic and saline soils is particularly relevant, because the structure of the soil improves thanks to the strengthening of the oxidation and reduction processes. The soil becomes more permeable to air and retains moisture.

In order to recultivate and restore the fertile soil layer, it is recommended to water the soil with a 5% solution of the plant additive until it is completely soaked. It should be applied 2 to 6 times a year depending on the ecological condition or state of soil depletion.