Hybrid Innovation Stimulanz – Prima

is a liquid organic humus plant growth stimulator, does not belong to the group of pesticides and agrochemicals. This product is intended for use at home or on small farms. Standard packaging is a 1000 ml plastic bottle with an atomizer for spraying (nozzle diameter 0.8 mm).

Stimulanz- Prima Hybrid Innovation

The “Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Prima” is a unique organic plant growth stimulator with a high concentration of pure humic and fulvic acids based on substances from the upper layer of bioclastic sedimentary rocks. During the production process, the mixture entering the reactor is treated with ultrasound at certain frequencies. The product Stimulanz – Prima is made on the basis of Stimulanz-Konzentrat, which has a higher concentration of pure acids.

The “Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Prima” does not contain any chemical salts, pathogenic forms of microflora or harmful toxic elements. Furthermore, it does not belong to any group of pesticides and agrochemicals.

Because of these peculiarities, it is recommended for “organic” farming, for the production of environmentally friendly plant products and for the cultivation of tea, tobacco and coffee, where the use of chemical growth stimulants is prohibited.

Due to a high proportion of fulvic acids (organic matter in dry substance – 40%, free humic acids – 24%) the “Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Prima” is a natural growth promoter. In contrast to all alkaline sodium and potassium humates, where the pH of these salts is higher than pH 7, the pH of the natural organic humino – fulvic acid – mixture is less than pH 6. Similar concentrations of nutrients and bioactive components are not contained in any other organic plant additive.

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In contrast to other growth stimulants, the “Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Prima” restores the fertile soil layer.

In addition, it effectively increases the immunity and reduces the stress level of plants after they have been treated with chemical pesticides.

Operating principle: Possessing a high oxygen content, very high mobility and physiological activity, as well as a small size, fulvic acid molecules quickly penetrate the roots, stems and leaves of plants, providing them with the necessary macro- and microelements. That is, they absorb the nutrients and minerals in the tank mixture and then release them inside the cell. In turn, in plant cells, fulvic acid molecules absorb harmful heavy metals and then return them back to nature.

The “Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Prima” is intended for all types of cultivated plants. It is suitable in all soil climates and in all stages of plant growth and development.

From seed treatment before sowing to spraying during vegetation on open and sheltered ground, as well as for soil cultivation after harvest.

Consumption rate: per 1 hectare for single spraying: – 1.0 – 1.5 liters per 100 – 200 liters of tank mixture of water, liquid fertilizers and pesticides. At the same time, only two to three treatments are required during the entire growing season.

The consumption of plant additives as a seed treatment amounts to approximately 1 liter per 1 ton of seeds, depending on the type of plant. An overdose of “Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Prima” is harmless to the plants.

The “Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Prima” is used as part of the planned treatments in the form of a working solution, both on its own and in a mixture with pesticides and soluble fertilizers.

It can be used in modern drip irrigation systems and hydroponics.

The product “Hybrid Innovations – Stimulants – Prima” alone (or as part of tank mixtures of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers) is used:

– for pre-sowing treatment of seeds of grains, legumes, oilseeds, potatoes and other vegetables, as well as for soaking seedlings of fruit trees, grapes, sugar cane and berry plants;

– for pre-sowing tillage and foliar feeding of all agricultural crops without exception (spray nozzle diameter 0.8 mm and above).

The product “Hybrid Innovations – Stimulants – Prima” (spray) can be used at home. Standard packaging is a 1000 ml plastic bottle with a sprayer (spray nozzle diameter 0.8 mm and above). Spray with a spray bottle only 1-2 times on the seedlings, first leaves and ovary! Repeat at intervals of 10-15 days! Shake the product well before use.

Detailed recommendations on the use of “Hybrid Innovations – Stimulants – Prima” are presented in the brochures in the “Catalog”


Hybrid Innovation – Stimulanz – Prima is used for spraying plants or soaking seeds.
Spray only 1-2 times on shoots, first leaves and ovary from a spray bottle! Repeat in 10-15 days!
Overdose Hybrid Innovation – Stimulant – Prima is safe for plants. Shake well before use!


The use of Hybrid Innovation – Stimulant – Prima in crop production enables:

– increase the efficiency of nutrient uptake and activate plant growth processes;
– Increase in grain yield from 20 to 30%, potatoes from 20 to 50%, vegetables from 20 to 60%, grapes from 20 to 100% while increasing sugar content;
– stimulate growth, accelerate the ripening of the crop by 10-12 days;
– Improving the development of the root system of plants and their respiration;
– increasing the resistance of plants to adverse environmental factors (drought, excessive waterlogging, frost);
– protect plants from bacterial and fungal diseases;
– increase the efficiency of the use of nitrogen, phosphorus fertilizers and pesticides, reduce their use by 20-30% and relieve stress from their effects (after treatment with pesticides, the period of plant inhibition is reduced from 7-10 days to just 1 reduced -2 days);
– Restoring and increasing soil fertility;
– restoration of the humus layer of the soil;
– Restoration of beneficial soil microflora;
– restoration of soil acidity;
– restore depleted soils;
– to neutralize products of technogenic pollution;
– to reduce the content of nitrate nitrogen in cultivated products;
– get better and more environmentally friendly products with a high content of vitamins, sugar and other valuable substances.